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Who are we ?

shadady Computer Systems Company was established as a specialized company In the field of information technology and selling all computer products.

  • shadady Computer Systems Company is the leading distributor in The field of computers and their systems for the retail and wholesale sectors, where they are considered.
  • The company is one of the largest distributors for the local market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • We have many equipped showrooms distributed throughout the Kingdom To fully serve all of our customers.

Business strategy

The company has presented many projects for the sector private and public by providing our customers with the best Services and materials at the lowest possible prices And with full support so we guarantee Distinguish from others competitors.

We also meet the needs of a large segment of individuals and institutions, as well as providing integrated systems in the field of information technology solutions, protection programs, and linking .companies with their branches.


shadady Computer Systems Company was established as a specialized company In the field of information technology and selling all computer products

Shredders (paper and hard disks) - faxes - scanners - projectors - POS devices and accessories Map printers (plotters) and their accessories (Servers) All kinds of inks for various international companies Accessories and related software and peripherals - Network installation Surveillance cameras - all security equipment devices.

Notebook Devices

Office Equipment






shadady Computer Systems Company is looking forward to contributing positively to an active role in achieving technological progress in the Kingdom in particular and the Gulf region in general by keenness to .attract the latest technological advancements Information and computers



In order to serve customers anywhere and stay in touch, shadady Company has allocated a share of its capital to create an integrated online store that enables the customer to review the company's products and carry out purchases online at a faster time and at a lower cost, through.

Our products reach you wherever you are

We also provide product delivery service via Al-Shaddady bus fleet or specialized companies In shipping and delivery throughout the Kingdom

Maintenance Department

The technical support center provides distinguished services, as the first program was designed by Its type serves our customers and provides them with the following services .

Shadady Customer Service Pro

• Find out the status of the device at the maintenance department at any moment online
• Obtaining a detailed electronic bill that includes maintenance operations
• Accurate statistics on maintenance rates for devices help you provide
• The best alternative to avoid future maintenance costs
• Network installation

solutions that include The center offers integrated

• Maintenance of desktop and laptop computers.
• Maintenance of main board faults.
• Installing and activating operating systems and programs.
• Improve performance and upgrade older devices Back up files and data.
• Install multimedia and entertainment drivers.
• All printers are maintained here.

Servers and workstations

• Upgrade the processor, memory and storage units.
• Upgrade drivers and security
• network management software


Printer solutions:
Availability of printers, inks and types of paper

The SC quality mark for Shadady inks

did not come out of nowhere

* With Shadady Toner (SC) Save Up To 70%.

* Compatible With Wide Printers Brands.

* It become one of the finest inks in the Kingdom because of our team’s efforts in research and development to maintain the quality of inks to suit all printers we deal with.

* SC mark in inks have become the perfect solution to inks problems at affordable prices for everyone.

* Do not forget to check the SC quality mark when you purchase shadady inks to make sure that you are purchasing the original product.

Design, hosting and domain reservation department

shadady Company provides design and hosting of websites for individuals and companies all over the world, while ensuring quality, stability, reliability and secure solutions for website services. This section is supervised by a specialized team of .programmers and designers with high experience

• Hosting websites on the most powerful servers.
• Professional corporate profile design .
• Design, hosting and domain reservation department.
• One of our most important goals is the globalization of your facilities and linking them to those around you at home and abroad .
• We use the latest advanced technology programs in designing websites for companies, institutions and the private sector.
• Designing a website in a specialized way helps to keep the traffic on your site as long as possible, so we used.
• All languages of the era in style and elegant design.

Department of security systems and surveillance cameras

Monitoring property and employee performance has become the most important requirement for any company or institution, large or small, and even at the level of homes or shops. It is the physical security of all your property. The importance of physical security here lies in addressing these threats with a number of procedures and regulations taken by the institution or authorities to limit Illegal entry Hence the emergence of surveillance cameras and their importance in ensuring security and property and limiting or minimizing potential attacks and thefts

Surveillance cameras

• Indoor camera - outdoor camera.
• Fixed camera - moving camera.
• security cameras.
• Specialize in installation.
• All kinds of cameras.
• Security devices and equipment.
• Entry and exit gate devices using magnetic and fingerprint cards.
• Baggage and parcel inspection devices, metal detectors and gates.
• Anti-theft alarm devices and systems.
• Closed circuit television systems and magnetic and fingerprint surveillance cameras

Strategic partner

Building a strong relationship with strategic dimensions with the major companies that manufacture devices is not just a coincidence or an easy matter, but it is a result of the development of the distributed company in its sales volume and what the company spends in training its employees technically and technically to keep pace with providing everything that is new to its customers.

Secondly, it relies on the trust and satisfaction of its customers with the distinguished services and solutions it provides.

The company's access to an advanced rank in the computer sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was achieved through strong and distinguished partnerships with the largest international companies producing computers, accessories and programs, and this represented a great success for a joint work that lasted for years and will continue for decades to come, God willing. Computer as a strategic partner with all kinds of financial, training and advisory support

The company also has strong partnerships with other international companies as a company Microsoft, the giant in the field of software, Dell, the information technology company, and Cisco, the network and router experts

partners can be reviewed as follows

Success Partners

The most important customers



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